About Physio Development

Physio Development aims to help physiotherapists answer questions such as:

I've finished my physio degree but I'm not sure what my long-term goals are?"
How can I feel more prepared to work in private practice?"
I've been working for a while, but I'm feeling a lack of direction and drive in my career. Is this normal?" - (It is!)

Physio Development also aims to help physiotherapy business owners answer the following questions:

How can I best prepare and develop my recent graduate physios for long-term success in private practice?"
How can I help my staff improve their job satisfaction and move forward in their career goals?"

I believe physiotherapy is a rewarding, exciting and noble profession that is of huge benefit to the community.

With the right support and guidance, I believe those that have a passion for physiotherapy can create a long and successful career that is meaningful to them.

Physio Development aims to help physiotherapists through online professional development, 1-1 clinical mentoring, workshops and second-opinion assessments.

About Luke McManus


  • Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) at Curtin University (2005)
  • Master of Manual Therapy at The University of Western Australia (2012)
  • Titled Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist)
  • Completed accreditation for the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (2018)
  • LinkedIn profile

Hi, I'm Luke McManus, and I'm a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist from Perth, Western Australia.

I graduated from Curtin University, Perth, in 2005 and have since been working in private practice.

My clinical experience has been in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, with some time also spent in a multidisciplinary pain management clinic, as well as with some local Perth sporting teams.

I've worked as an undergraduate clinical tutor at The University of Notre Dame and have also been part of a clinical committee creating a development program for recent graduates at Life Ready Physio in Perth.

My passion for physiotherapy has continued to grow over time and is in large part due to the mentoring and guidance I've been lucky to receive over these years.

I really believe physiotherapy is a social and team-oriented career, even if we ultimately work as individual clinicians.

My hope is to help recent graduate (and more experienced) physiotherapists find what an ideal physiotherapy career looks like them and to develop advanced skills to achieve this.

The more we can connect with others, share our experience and humbly remember that working as a health professional is a life-long learning process, the more I believe the profession will continue to grow in the future.

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